Etaf Rum: A Woman Is No Man Recap

Etaf Rum: A Woman Is No Man

This event featured an insightful and thought provoking panel discussion between novelist, Etaf Rum, and Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life, Naijla Faizi, on Rum’s debut novel, A Woman Is No Man. The discussion offered attendees a look into the trials and tribulations, but also beautiful resilience of women in the Arab culture. From the perpetuation of patriarchal ideals passed down from generation to generation, to notions of universal feminism, to the significance of women finding their voices, this panel discussion expressed an open and honest conversation on the obstacles that sexism and patriarchy pose for women. Etaf Rum and Naijla Faizi illustrated how these systems of oppression intersect within the Arab culture, producing a unique, yet shared experience between them as Arab women that are living in America. While they were connecting based on similarities, the attendees also felt a sense of belonging, which resulted in a more personal and interconnected environment. This event brought in new ideas and challenges that Arab women face that many may not have known about, thus reinforcing the significance of intersectionality when analyzing and discussing women’s and gender issues. Overall, this was an awesome event that left attendees wanting to read Etaf Rum’s novel and find an even greater understanding of the experiences of Arab women. – Taryn Douglas

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