Julia Caravello is a Finance major from Philadelphia, PA. During her three years with the Women’s Center Julia has worked in communications including our weekly newsletter, social media accounts and facilitated numerous G-Chats, the most recent being “Fast Fashion”. Julia collaborated with a marketing intern her junior year to create our marketing portfolio and since then has been responsible for our online engagement analytics. Julia has risen into a mentorship and leadership role during her time with the Women’s Center and plans to further her professional development after graduation where she will be an employee at BNP Paribas in New York City, NY. 

Bea Pearson is a History major from Mount Holly, NJ with minors in African American Studies and Politics and International Affairs. Bea joined the Women’s Center her sophomore year as an intern and developed a coalition building initiative between student leaders. Bea transitioned into working with the Women’s Center as a junior and developed major programming such as session planning for the Black Women’s Leadership Retreat, facilitating G-Chats etc. Bea has been a mentor to her coworkers and other students and plans to continue her post-graduate interests as a Wake Forest Fellow with the Office of Wellbeing.

Julia’s coworkers would describe her as funny, charismatic, enthusiastic and chic.

“Julia’s quality of work is very high and she’s passionate about the work she does. I think it’s nice when we have people in the Women’s Center from the Business school. People don’t usually think that people involved in business are thinking about gender equity so I respect how dynamic Julia is. She’s a super hard worker and honestly she’s just a very sweet human being.

“Julia is great. I admire her ability to see the beauty in and appreciate life whether it be through food, fashion, traveling, learning and working. She’s multifaceted, understanding and extremely compassionate.”

“I loved getting to see what a team player Julia was during our Escape Room. Also, she’s an ace at promotions!”

Bea’s coworkers would describe her as empathetic, iconic, inspiring, loyal, kind, attentive and funny.

The memories that I cherish with Bea are the moments when we held joy like playing song association and watching music videos in the [LGBTQ+] center. It reminds me of how much they’ve grown. I admire their ability to facilitate discussion amongst peers and give people the material to make them think and force themselves out of their comfort zones to learn. As Bea progresses as a person, they become better at everything that they do.

“I appreciate Bea’s ability to relate, engage and have meaningful connections with people.”

“Bea has a BEAUTIFUL voice. One of my favorite times at work she started playing Disney music and was singing and it was like being serenaded.”