The Parent & Caregiver Affinity Resources Group and the Women’s Center created the WFU Caregiving Network to connect individuals who are looking for short term childcare with folks who would like to provide that care. The WFU Caregiving Network will basically function as a virtual bulletin board. Read more about the University’s plans to establish a Child Care and Early Education Center.

Individuals who are interested in providing care for kids in our Wake Forest community can join the WFU Caregiving Network google group by completing the Care Provider Form below. Individuals seeking care will complete the Care Request Form. The submitted form will go out to the listserv and any care provider can respond directly to the requester. 

The Wake Forest University Caregiving Network was developed by the Parent & Caregiver Affinity Resources Group (ARG) and the Women’s Center to connect caregivers and care providers across the university. The network is an opt-in google group that members can opt-out of at any time. There is no vetting process for caregivers or care providers beyond their affiliation with Wake Forest as a faculty, staff, or students. Participants in the network are responsible for vetting each other and negotiating pay and/or other logistics.

Participants in the WFU Caregiving Network are participating by choice and can stop their participation at any time. It is not recommended that faculty and staff hire students who they are currently teaching, supervising, or advising. Due to federal regulations, most visa holders sponsored by WFU in the F-1, J-1, H-1B, and TN statuses are not permitted to be paid for caregiver roles. To avoid any negative action towards their visa status, visa holders must check with ISS ( and not begin any activity, paid or unpaid, without prior written authorization.  Please note that Participants are still responsible for vetting each other even if ISS has provided authorization.