Wellbeing for Women of Color is a year-long series where the Women’s Center partners with affinity and identity-based student organizations to host programs that are responsive to the organizations’ specific cultural backgrounds. The programs center content and practices that explore what it looks like to be well as a woman in particular cultural contexts. Wellbeing for Women of Color was first developed as a 3-event series by Campus Life Fellow Zoe Stuckey in 2021. The Women’s Center expanded the series as a signature focus of Women’s History Month 2023 where we partnered with 11 different student organizations to offer programs. In the Fall of 2023, Wellbeing for Women of Color with be a year-long series and one of our signature collaborative partnerships with student organizations. If your organization is interested in partnering with us to host a program as a part of Wellbeing for Women of Color, please contact Zobia Akhtar (akhtz21@wfu.edu).