Trans Dudes With Lady Cancer

trans dudes with lady cancer flyer


On October 26, the Women’s Center hosted a screening of the film Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer and a panel discussion with the filmmakers and healthcare providers from Planned Parenthood. This short film documents the journeys of filmmakers Brooks Nelson and Yee Won Chong, two transmasculine people, their families, and communities, as they navigate breast cancer and ovarian cancer within the medical system. Dr. Kristina Gupta, a WGSS professor at Wake, moderated the panel discussion. 23 people attended the event, either virtually or in person, and included students, faculty, staff and medical professionals. According to their website, “Brooks Nelson is an experienced filmmaker and founder of Boxxo Productions. He made Switch: A Community in Transition, a documentary that explores the impact of a gender transition – not on the individual going through transition, but on the surrounding community of family, friends, co-workers, and others. As an advocate of transgender justice, Yee Won Chong gave a TEDx talk, “Beyond the Gender Binary”, weaving his personal story about being a transgender immigrant with practical tips on how to be a good ally. Yee Won also provides transgender inclusion training to workplaces and college campuses.” 


Here is a response from Wake fellow Zoe Stuckey on how the film and discussion made her contemplate gender equity on campus and in everyday life:

“Most of the time when people want to learn more about historically marginalized groups they have to go out of their way to get that information as opposed to having it integrated into a curriculum or policy. We need to keep finding ways to integrate this into day to day life…having these discussions is helpful and knowledgeable. I know I have a lot more to learn but that was really awesome.”