Wake for Women

Why are there more fans at mens’ sports games than womens’ games? There are many factors that contribute to this issue. Wake for Women is about showing support and admiration for the women athletes at Wake.

Wake for Women brings together students, staff, faculty, and community members to make signs of support and attend women sports games. Additionally, the Women’s Center partnered with Athletics to host this year’s National Sports Day for Women and Girls which brought together young girls in the community to have quality time with Wake athletes.



Steph Trilling the director of the Women's Center surrounded by 4 students all holding Wake for Women T-shirts



Wake female athlete in the middle of two young girls
3 young girl scouts smiling with burritos accompanied by a Wake athlete
15 young girls in smiling at the camera in their school team's sport jerseys
Two young male students in Wake for Women shirts.

When is the Next Event?

Due to the nature of COVID-19, these events are currently paused.

How Do I Participate?

Email us at womenscenter@nullwfu.edu

Link Loot Information

Depending on the event, you may be able to receive link loot points as well.