G-chat or Gender Chat is an ongoing bi-weekly conversation program that brings students together to talk about issues of gender in our culture. This program generally takes place in the evenings and runs throughout the academic year. Join us for the next g-chat in Benson 314.

Spring 2022 G-Chat

  • G-chat: Social Justice Burnout – Feb 10 @ 4pm

    The purpose of this event is to discuss social justice burnout and the impact it can have on the mental health of individuals who are involved in advocacy and activism. It is a crucial discussion which needs to be had as not a lot of attention is paid to the challenges and difficulties of being involved in acts of social justice. It can be a useful space for people to discuss and process the emotions they might have experienced so far, and collectively, we can also brainstorm ways people can take care of themselves effectively to ensure that they are not pouring from an empty cup. This G-Chat will take place on the 3rd of February from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

  • G-chat: Parents/Guardians – March 2nd @ 12pm

    Join us to discuss ways that gender roles are socialized during our childhood upbringing and how we think about gender today. What were your different experiences and how have different identities contributed to your experiences? This discussion is open to all students and will be introspective and a collaborative learning experience. 

  • G-chat: Oldest Daughters – March 18th 3pm

    Come join us in the Women’s center on March 18 at 3 pm to discuss what it’s like being an oldest daughter and how gendered birth order affects how people grow up and react to certain situations.

  • G-chat: Gendered Language in the Classroom – March 28th @ 12pm

    Join us in the Women’s Center on February 14 at 12pm to discuss our classroom experiences and feelings about how professors can use space to perpetuate problematic gender stereotypes and language. During our discussion we will dissect implicit biases and assumptions about gender that are present in the classroom setting and how that impacts students. This event is open to all undergraduate students.

  • G-Chat: Fast Fashion – April 7th @ 2pm

    Join us in the Women’s Center to discuss Fast Fashion! We will be discussing what it is, its implications, and how to make more ethical choices while shopping!