Gender Equity@Work

A professional development suite

The Women’s Center’s series “Gender Equity at Work” is a professional development suite that 1.) builds participants’ critical eye for recognizing how gender norms and expectations show up in the workplace and why it matters; and 2.) develops participants’ skills to better advocate for themselves and others in ways that support women and promote gender equity at work.

Recognizing & Interrupting Harmful Gender Norms

We each shape our workplace culture with everyday interactions and accepted practices, many of them related to gender norms.  Objectives:

  • Build awareness about workplace norms
  • Explore how gendered expectations can create workplace norms
  • Develop tools and strategies for interrupting norms to create greater gender equity in your workplace

Next offering is Thursday, August 2, 9am-noon in the PDC Classroom, Reynolda Hall 301. Register here.

For Managers

Tailored for managers, this version of Recognizing & Interrupting Harmful Gender Norms includes strategies for team and 1:1 work as well as action planning for culture change.


Other offerings in the series

  • Creating & Articulating Personal Boundaries
    • Gain awareness about different kinds of boundaries
    • Gain awareness about how norms around gender boundaries interact
    • Be able to identify at least one personal boundary
    • Develop a plan for practicing at least one healthy boundary


  • Beyond Work/Life Balance toward Wholeness
    • Dig into the term work/life balance and its different meanings
    • Consider significance of work/life in the complex matrix of the individual/organization/national policies
    • Explore how workplace practices and culture can be harmful or helpful to promoting work/life balance and gender equity
    • Develop tools for building sustainable practices that support work/life wellbeing


  • Tackling Imposter Phenomenon
    • Gain understanding about imposter phenomenon
    • Gain exposure to tools to reduce imposter phenomenon
    • Develop personal strategy for tackling imposter phenomenon


  • Beyond Dress for Success: Gender & Professional Presentation
    • Gain understanding of “professional” as a social construct and how it can have different impact on different identities
    • Build awareness of your workplace professional culture
    • Puzzle through questions you have about gender and professional presentation
    • Develop tools for creating a more inclusive workplace around “professional” culture


  • Gender Equity@Work: Reflection & Practice

    Come together with others who have completed at least 1 workshop in this series to reflect on what you’ve been doing differently since the workshop(s) and what you’ve been noticing. During this time together you’ll:

    • deepen learning through repeat exposure
    • practice skills
    • revise/write your action plan


  • Working Women@Wake: negotiation series

    This special Working Women@Wake series delves into research around gender and negotation to help you expand your negotiation comfort zone and build your negotiation skills. The series combines discussion-based learning and experiential application across multiple sessions in February and March.

    This Women’s Center offering is based on the book Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. Written by Linda Babcock, the James M. Walton Professor of Economics at Carnegie Mellon University, and writer Sara Laschever, whose work has appeared in the New York Times and the Harvard Business Review, among other publications, Ask for It is the how-to companion that grew out of the team’s earlier research project, Women Don’t Ask.

    The series opens with a 2-hour session and includes 6 weekly assignments to push your negotiation skills.

    As a special offering of Working Women@Wake brown bag lunch series, this offering is intended for WFU faculty, staff, and graduate students who identify as women. If you are interested in this series for an all-gender audience, please contact the Women’s Center at


These offerings are designed for Wake Forest faculty, staff, and graduate students. They can be modified to meet the needs of your department. If you’re interested in bringing one of these offerings to your team, email

Gender Equity@Work is not a sequential series; there are no prerequisites.

For the latest schedule and to register for a Gender Equity@Work offering, visit the Professional Development Center.