For Faculty and Staff

Professional Development

The Women’s Center provides ongoing professional development opportunities, including discussion spaces, skill-building workshops, and working groups.

Writing Groups

The Women’s Center is available to help scholars set and meet their writing goals by coordinating writing groups.  Writing groups are based on a collaborative peer feedback process designed to work with your schedule.  Writing groups are offered based on interest.  In the past we have offered a Faculty/Staff summer writing group.  Ways that a writing group can benefit scholars:

  • Assistance setting writing goals and sticking to them,
  • Time to produce scholarship,
  • Opportunity to give & receive feedback,
  • Build supportive community.

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Community Building

Women’s Center listserv for faculty/staff

Join the listserv for faculty/staff here.

The Women’s Center sends a modified version of our weekly student listserv email to faculty and staff with announcements of particular interest to their positions: employee announcements, requests for student nominations, professional development opportunities, and targeted event outreach.

Working Families Google Group

The Women’s Center moderates to share resources and build community among Wake Forest employees with caregiving responsibilities. Email to subscribe.

Regular Engagement Opportunities with the Women’s Center

Learn more about the Women’s Center’s programs and upcoming events by visiting the Upcoming Events page.

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  • Writing groups
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