Healthy Masculinities

The Healthy Masculinities Discussion and Action Group invites men and masculine-identified individuals who are interested in creating a safe and equitable environment for Wake Forest University. Through the group, participants will have the opportunity to address the effects of cultural pressures of masculinity on everyone. The Healthy Masculinities program seeks to be a hub for self-reflection, education, and informed activism, which members can bring back to influence their friendships, families, academics, teams, and organizations, leading in the long-term to a cultural shift on campus and beyond. The programming, housed and led by the Women’s Center, invites the masculine members of our campus to be leaders in change for gender dynamics. 

A catered interest meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19 from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Women’s Center (Benson 409). Those who are interested but cannot attend can email for more information


Healthy Masculinities Resources: 

While there many resources available to explore Healthy Masculinities, here are a few of our favorites to get you started in exploring the concept of masculinity:

For the Love of Men: From toxic to a more mindful masculinity – Liz Plank – An excellent book which provides an overview of issues of masculinity with historical perspective, connection to the present, and intersectional lenses. 

The State of Men – The Guardian – A collection of essays, videos and more addressing aspects of the concept of masculinity through varied and intersectional identity lenses.  

Redefining Masculinity – Thrive Global – A collection of articles exploring masculinity in the arenas of work, education, health, wellbeing, family, politics and more. 

Guidelines for Practice with Boys and Men – American Psychological Association – An article summarizing the impetus behind the APA’s creation of guidance for psychologists in working with men and boys. This article succinctly summarizes (and links to) much of the current science regarding how masculinity affects boys, men, and others. 

Health Masculinity Conversation Series – Men Can Stop Rape – A collection of interviews with experts on the topic of masculinity. 

The Next Generation of Manhood – A Call to Men – The website full of resources from an organization which provides education and training as well as opportunities for advocacy.

If there are other resources you’re looking for related to masculinity, contact us!