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The Women’s Center offers several internship opportunities. Generally, the interns will receive course credit for completing a project around gender equity. Below are the internship opportunities from the 2019-20 academic year. If you are interested in learning more about our internships for Fall 2020, please fill out the form below.

    2019-2020 Internships

  • Marketing and Communications Intern

    Intern will report to Stephanie Trilling, Director of the Women’s Center. Tasks outlined in this contract can be undertaken in the Women’s Center on-campus office or remotely, but must add up to at least 3.5 hours of work weekly. The tasks outlined below will constitute the work to be undertaken during  this internship: 


    • Redesign of the Women’s Center Website 


        • Updated as necessary with new events hosted by the Women’s Center and/or partner organizations
        • Generate mobile-friendly version of site
        • Implement a strategy to increase website pageviews per month by 25%-50%


    • Communications Strategy for Women’s Center Public Relations and Advertising


        • Plan should include company Challenges, Marketing Objectives, Positioning Statement, Key Messages, Content Calendar, Tactics, etc.
        • Summary of current communications will be generated at the start of 2020, to determine annual growth following the implementation of new strategy
        • Increase likes/followers on existing social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) by at least 25%


    • Research for Upcoming Faculty Mentorship Program 


      • Conduct general research on women’s mentorship programs in the workplace; propose five (5) ideas to include in the new program at Wake Forest


  • Sexual Wellness Intern

    Sexual wellness is an important part of physical and emotional wellness as a whole.The Sexual Wellness Intern will work to promote diverse, inclusive, and medically accurate information about sexual wellness to the campus community. The goal of this internship is to increase awareness of sexuality and sexual health information in order for students to recognize it as an integral part of their health and wellbeing and to make informed sexual decisions.


    The sexual wellness intern will work with different groups and communities on campus  to develop a comprehensive and culturally relevant sexual education programming, which covers topics including safer sexual relationships and experiences without violence, intimidation, or prejudice, gender identity, sexual orientation, consent, birth control, abortion, prevention of sexually-transmitted infections, and pleasure. 

  • Coalition Building Intern

    Coalition building is an essential element of supporting the women of Wake Forest through the Women’s Center. The coalition building intern will work to promote community building across various stakeholders across campus including but not limited to our leadership community, our faculty dedicated to gender equity, and our caregiver community. The goal of this internship is to set the foundation for the creation and maintenance of these groups in the upcoming academic year. 

    The coalition building intern will work closely with the Assistant Director of the Women’s Center and key stakeholders on campus to develop a strategic plan for the engagement, activation, and maintenance of several affinity groups. Tasks outlined in this contract will be undertaken in the Women’s Center on-campus office and remotely, but must add up to at least 5 hours of work weekly.

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