Frequently Asked Questions About the
Women’s Center

  • What is the Women’s Center?

    The Women’s Center is a welcoming space for all members of Wake Forest University to receive support, find resources, and build community. Our mission is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all women and to promote gender equity. The Women’s Center is part of Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Who’s allowed at the Women’s Center?

    The Women’s Center welcomes all members of the Wake Forest University community including undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty.  We welcome people of all genders and gender identities and aim to be a trans+ inclusive and affirming space.  We expect visitors will show respect to one another while in our space.  To help people understand what we mean by respect, students, faculty and staff worked together to create our “Center Agreements” for the space.

  • What do people do at the Women’s Center?

    The Women’s Center is a comfortable place on campus to lounge, nap, hang-out, study, and have open discussions. People also schedule meetings with the director or assistant director to receive support, information, or guidance.  We also offer programs that are open to anyone, such as “G-chat” or movie screenings. Sometimes the Women’s Center is closed for private group meetings. During those times, we will have the door closed with a sign indicating when we will re-open.

  • How/where do I get more information about the Women’s Center?

    Sign up for our newsletter or visit our website http://womencenter.wfu.edu for more information about the events, programs, workshops, and more offered at the Women’s Center.  You can also follow us on Facebook (@womenscenter.wfu),  Instagram (@wfuwomenscenter), and Twitter (@WFUwomenscenter) where you can learn the latest about our offerings. 

    Not what you’re looking for?  Stop by during our open hours or call or e-mail us:

  • Why do we have a Women’s Center?

    Although women make up more than half of the student body at Wake Forest University, disparities exist for women based on their gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, and size.  The Women’s Center provides a safe environment for women to build community, empower one another, and develop the skills to prepare them to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

  • How can I get involved with the Women’s Center?

    There are opportunities for students as well as faculty and staff to get involved with the Women’s Center. L.E.A.V.Es Peer Education program for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in educating the campus community on intersectional feminism, gender issues, and gender equity.   Students can also apply to work or intern at the Women’s center.  Faculty and staff are invited to attend our events, sign up for our Faculty/Staff newsletter, or attend one of our professional development workshops.

  • Where is the Women’s Center? When is it open?

    The Women’s Center is located in Benson University Center 314. During the academic year and when the University is open, it is open from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Feel free to sign up for after hours key card access.