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Check out the Wake Forest Scholars Program’s Scholarships for Women resource page for information on scholarships offered for women.

 Women’s Convention

October 27-29, Detroit, MI

Learn more about the Women’s Convention and scholarships available through this Detroit Free Press article.

NC WAVE Student Summit

From the organizers:

The North Carolina Campus Consortium and WAVE (Working Against Violence for Everyone) Student Planning Committee are thrilled to announce the third annual NC WAVE Student Summit (formerly known as the Campus SV/IPV Student Advocates Summit): a one-day summit focusing on students’ work to prevent and respond to sexual and intimate partner violence (SV/IPV) on North Carolina college campuses.

The NC WAVE Student Summit is intended to be a space for students to share resources, research, expertise, and lessons learned based on their experiences working to prevent and respond to SV/IPV on their campuses. This summit will take place on November 4th at UNC-Greensboro.

We invite both students and non-students to submit workshop proposals based on the following guidelines:

  • Workshops will vary in length and format (roundtable, panel, workshop, short “lightning talk,” etc.). Please propose a topic and your preferred presentation format. The student planning committee may contact you to suggest an alternate format in order to group similar topics and maximize the interactive experience of participants.
  • Proposals should focus on increasing student capacity to prevent and/or respond to sexual and intimate partner violence on campus. While we encourage non-students to propose, we ask that workshops focus on this objective.
  • Proposals for interactive workshops are encouraged.
  • Proposals for workshops that focus on skill development, lessons learned/results, and data-driven informationare encouraged.
From both student and non-student presenters, we are particularly interested in presentations that speak to the experiences of, and prevention with, historically marginalized groups and other issues of intersectionality.

Additionally, we are particularly interested in proposals within the following topic areas:

  • How can anti-SV and anti-IPV student groups collaborate and align with related anti-oppression movements on campus (such as workers’ rights, anti-racism work, university policy change)?
  • What’s happening on your campus?

o What prevention efforts have worked or not worked on your campus?

o What organizations are working on prevention, student advocacy, and evaluation?

o What gaps do you need to see filled on your campus?

o How can those gaps be filled — ideas for events, advocacy, activism, policy?

  • How can students get programs off the ground on campuses?
  • How can students successfully advocate for campuses to meet the Title IX and Campus SAVE Mandates?
  • How do students and/or student organizations garner support from administrators?
  • How can students measure the effectiveness of our anti-violence work?


Submit your proposal by September 18, 2017 at 11:59pm by filling out this application:


Please note that proposal submission does not guarantee workshop acceptance. The WAVE Student Summit Committee will select workshops based on the content of the proposals and their relevance to the theory and practice of student-led SV/IPV prevention and response work. Selected presenters will not receive any monetary compensation; lunch and coffee will be provided the day of the Summit. Proposal authors will be notified of acceptance status via email by October 2, 2017.


Thank you,

WAVE Student Planning Committee

Webinar: Writing an Academic Book Proposal

Academic Coaching & Writing offers a webinar on Nov. 9 to help you:

  • Identify essential documents to include in book proposal submissions;
  • Understand the purpose of each of the sections of an academic book proposal;
  • Select the best press for your work; and
  • Communicate with academic editors.

Gatekeepers Workshops

In fall 2009, the Office of the Provost began to offer Gatekeepers Workshops in partnership with the Wake Forest Professional Development Center. A “gatekeeper” is any member of the Wake Forest community who represents the University through his or her interaction with students, faculty, staff, and other constituents. These workshops are intended to engage “gatekeepers” through training, networking, and skill building opportunities on a range of topics that are relevant to the Wake Forest community and it’s Strategic Plan.

Open to all Wake Forest alumni, faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students.  You must register to attend through the Professional Development Center, and attend session 1 to attend session 2.

Session 1: “Enhancing Our Community Through Inclusion”

Session 2: “Cross Cultural Conflict and Dialogue”

Session 3: “Contact Theory and Dialogue”

Session 4: “Unconscious Bias”

Safe Zone Training

The Safe Zone program is an in-depth, interactive presentation designed to educate Wake Forest faculty, staff, and students about the LGBTQ community. Anti-LGBTQ bias and prejudice affects all members of a community, and we all have the opportunity to work against it. Participants learn what it means to be an ally—a person who supports and stands up for the rights of LGBTQ people—as well as how to create a Safe Zone.

Allies who have completed the training program will be given a Safe Zone sticker, identifiable to the entire campus, which may be displayed on the ally’s door to designate it as a safe place for all members of the community.

Register for the program.

Check out current professional development opportunities for WFU faculty and staff at the PDC.