Undergraduate Students

The Women’s Center offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students who want to get involved at the Center.

Attend Programs

The Women’s Center offers a variety of programs. Click below to learn more about our Core Programs and be sure to also visit the Events page to learn more about additional upcoming events.

Student Program Assistant

Many of our events are successful due in part to the assistance of students. Serving as a Student Program Assistant is one way to become more involved in your favorite Women’s Center program or a way to check out a new event. Some of the duties of a Student Program Assistant may include:

  • Welcoming guests to the event
  • Assisting with student check-in
  • Assisting with event set up and clean up.

Please contact the Women’s Center if you are interested in serving as a Student Program Assistant.

Dinner & Dialogue Facilitator

The student facilitators at Dinner & Dialogue have a large influence on the success of the conversation. Serving as a Dinner & Dialogue facilitator allows students to further develop their facilitation skills and help build community with other women. This role is typically open to undergraduate women who are in their second year or longer at Wake Forest University.We ask that women interested in serving as a facilitator complete the

We ask that women interested in serving as a facilitator complete the Dinner & Dialogue facilitator form and attend a brief training at the beginning of the year.

Women’s History Month Project

First Meeting: Thursday, November 17, 4-5pm, Benson University Center 344

Students on the Women’s History Month Project will plan, implement, advertise, and attend Women’s History Month programming in March. This group of students is expected to meet regularly as a group (when classes are in session) with the Women’s Center Program Coordinator from the end of October through February, with programming happening in March.Student interested in participating should complete

Student interested in participating should complete this interest form.

The Feminist Leadership Project

Meetings: 3:30pm-4:30pm on Tuesdays

Participants of the Feminist Leadership Project are expected to attend the retreat, along with attending weekly meetings

The Feminist Leadership Project exposes students to feminist leadership theory through teambuilding, self-reflection, and skill building. This cohort of undergraduate students will be able to explain what it means to be a feminist leader. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style and discover ways in which they can connect feminist leadership theory to their personal and professional lives. In addition, students will develop skills to practice feminist leadership. Finally, by participating in this initiative, students will have a common language to discuss leadership.

This cohort participates in a retreat at the beginning of the fall academic term, and then meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters.